Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family, family, family...And other stuff

I just found out today...well, a few minutes ago...My cousin Brandon is coming over...I haven't seen him in so long...Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, before my brother was's amazing. I remember him being the only one from that part of my family (my middle uncle's middle child) who was nice to me when I last saw him. His older brother and younger sister (who's only 9 months older than me) were both awful to me...locking me in the cow field, calling me "Miss Piggy" because I was a little chunky...But he was cool, letting me look at his "Puzzlemania" books...

Besides that...I've kinda been chillin' with my gramma and great aunt. And running errands with my mum. I guess I need to enjoy my weekends while I can, since I've decided to work on weekends whe I get a job, and I'll be starting college on the 24th (of August).

I hate waiting. Tomorrow I have to go get my permit renewed so I can take a form back to school so I don't have to pay out-of-state tuition so I can enroll for my classes so I can enroll in a payment plan so I can actually get to class! -phew- Way too much going on. I only have a week to get everything done, plus new student orientation next Saturday. Blah...

And gramma wants to go to Laughlin the weekend after that (the 28th-30th) for her birthday. I just hope she decides we come home on Sunday so I'll make it for classes on the 31st. But I wanna go, so I can get postcards for my collection (which I need to update my counter...whoops).

Hungry hungry teenager...dinner smells amazing (lasagna!) but still a ways off...Phooey. I'm STARVING. Never ate lunch.....


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