Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growing Pains

More like "moving pains" if you ask me.

So, my walk took me almos an hour to get up to the library in the community. In 75-degree sunshine that was burning my shoulders, at that. My upper arms are killing me, and now, when they stopped aching, I go and walk that far and so my feet, ankles, and bad knee hurt. I just need a nice hot bath...

But I did get to check out two books while I was up there that I've got for three weeks. Not like I needed to borrow two more. I've got one I'm in the process of reading already, and another I brought with me just incase I finish that one while we're here. Oh well. It'll just add to my total number of books I've read this year. Total so far: 2

I'm enjoying a little quiet time now, savoring it until gramma and I have to go get Bug (my not-so-adorable, not-so-little little brother). When we come back, I'll probably go hide in the spare room with my CD player and one of the books until dinner, then after my bath again until Bug goes to bed.

Tomorrow I get to hang out with my best guy friend and go see the new Alice in Wonderland movie at the IMAX. Midnight showing and in 3D! I'm really excited. My only problem is I have to find my tights so I can wear my purple/black tutu dress...My favorite casual dress that I own. Plus, it's the colors of MY Cheshire Cat. My fandom Cheshire Cat. And I think another friend wants to take me to see the movie later in the day once I'm done with my census test (oh yeah, I'm going to try and get a job with the census. $15/hr sounds pretty sweet to me!), and hey, I am NOT going to pass up a chance to see it again. I'll see it so many times it'll be burned into my brain forever.

I can't wait for the 14th of March. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are released, and I've got SS reserved and paid for already. All I have to do is pick it up that day and start playing it. The Johto region has always been one of my favorites, second to Kanto.

I'm so hungry...but I have to wait for dinner. Which will be a few hours, I think...

Ooh, American Idol is on tonight. I need to remember. I missed it last night. I guess it balances out last week. I missed the guys last week, I missed the girls this week. As long as I get to see the results show tomorrow...oh wait...I won't...I'll be in line for the movie...Ah, I can record it and watch it later Friday or something. Whenever gramma isn't watching anything.

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