Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Well, not exactly. More like an excursion around my gramma's community to get out of the house, explore, and take some photos. It's a very pretty place in most areas, with green grass, some water features, nice plants. The animals running around don't hurt either. This will give me a chance to practice my photography skills, even though I don't have a professional camera or anything. But still, a camera is a camera for now.

I'm seriously thinking my friend got me the new camera I've had my eye on forever that I showed him during an outing last week.

My everything hurts from the move. But at least we're out of that apartment. Now just to find a new one to move into. -sigh- So much to do and not really a lot of time. I'm hoping we can get out of my gramma's soon, since my birthday is next week. I can't exactly have a bunch of friends over for dinner in a retirement community.

I still can't believe I'm going to be twenty in a matter of days. Nine days, to be exact. Where have my years gone? I suppose all my hospital stays ate up plenty of days, moving ate up three this week, and moving all those times before just gobbled up my life. Twenty-three days in Michigan flew by. It feels like I should still be in high school, heading to Economics right now to sit throuh another day of notes from Mr. Saunders, then off to English with Mrs. Groeber. It's Wednesday, right? Yeah, it is...that would be Sign Club during lunch. Then I'd have to hurry to Mr. Saunders' s room again as his student aid, and finally to study hall. I don't know. May will mark my one-year graduation anniversary.

I miss some of my friends. One of them helped us move on Monday, and he told me that two of them were trying to get me out of office in Anime Club, even though they were higher positions than me. And now they're letting it just go down the drain and use me as negative references. I'm not sure what to think anymore about the one. The other just doesn't really have a mind of her own, so she just follows along. But she's real nice and a sweet girl. So my heart is torn over her.

I shouldn't let myself get depressed. It'll ruin my adventure and I won't want to take any photos or anything. Heck, gramma depresses me enough on her own without me adding to it.

I hope I get a lot of mail today. I need to know where everything is before those locks get changed.

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