Monday, March 8, 2010


So, we got our apartment, keys, information...all that jazz. We signed all the papers, did a walk through, checked for damages and the like, and just...yeah. I'm excited to finally start moving in. Even though my room is smaller than my previous one, my closet is twice the size and my stuff WILL fit, just with some creative organizing.

That's gonna be the trick. I love to have everything organized, but I don't have the money usually. Actually, all I need right now would be...

-Bigger bookcase
-New photo box
-Tub/shoe organizer
-Bigger file folder
-Something to display my pandas/plushies on
-Purse holder (?)

I'll slowly get this stuff done. I have two shelves I can use for my pandas, if necessary. I'd rather use them for my "pretties" (aka: breakables) and diploma. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

I also can't wait to re-decorate. Mom got this toilet lid cover thing with duckies on it at the store, and three blue photo frames. My project is to cut out the duckies and put them in the frames for mine and my brother's bathroom. I love the duckies. We even have a duckie shower curtain and all my rubber duckies on a shelf. So much fun.

Maybe this time around I can get my curtains up and stuff, finally have my room decorated how I want with my bright colors.

Anyway...I think it's time for bed here soon.

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